So, I have decided to focus on two things with Sam this week: his number recognition of 0-10 and two letters ‘a’ and ‘b’. It’s pretty basic preschool stuff and I’m pretty sure that he can already do the number recognition in both English and Welsh, but I have decided to start at the beginning and revise those before moving on to 0-20 next week. With the letters it’s a little more difficult, his letter recognition is good but he hasn’t made a link between the letter sound and words that begin with that sound e.g ‘a’ is for ‘apple’ so I’m hoping to build on that-although I’m not entirely sure how to help him make the connection (suggestions welcome!).

I’ve also decided to start with things that he already knows to build his confidence and because he has been very tired since starting full time school. My main aim is to get him in to a routine before we start work that will be more challenging for him.So, today he came home, had a snack, watched some cartoons and then we did ‘fun stuff’ before dinner.

First of all, we made ‘number monsters’ this is an adaption of ‘letter monsters’ that I saw on the ‘no time for flash cards’ website. Here is the link if anyone is interested-it’s a fab site (


I prepped the monsters while Sam had his snack and I brought some cheap foam numbers for the monsters to ‘eat’ while he was at school. He really enjoyed ‘feeding’ the monsters the numbers. I gave him the option to add googly eyes (he declined) but just thought I would mention it in case anybody else wants to replicate it and their kids might like to add them. He enjoyed the task and even made ’10’ by putting ‘1’ and ‘0’ together unprompted. He got a bit silly towards the end and kept deliberately putting numbers upside down, but I told him it would give the monsters an upset tummy and he stopped. He kept pretending that they were telephone monsters which gave me the idea for tomorrow’s maths task (make a giant mobile phone).

His reading book from school this week was a bilingual book (Welsh-English) about an airport so I had him colour in an ‘a for air plane’ worksheet I found online (I’m not sure where-sorry!) and then we read the book (in English) with Sam pointing out all the letter a’s that he could see. We also made up a story using the pictures as it was more of a vocab book then story book. I’m thinking of doing an ‘a for apple’ worksheet tomorrow and maybe some apple stamping (if I have time to buy apples tomorrow!).


Author: TeachingSam

Hi, I’m ‘Mam Samuel’ (or ‘Samuel’s mum’ in English) and I live in North Wales with my son Samuel (who has recently decided that he prefers to be called ‘Sam’). He started full time school last week and this blog is about my attempts to teach him to read, write and count in English at home.

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